The Inner Workings Journal

"My work explores relationships of technology, religion, and infrastructure in modern social constructs and how these interactions shape the world I see today I feel compelled to create art when I see my generation and others so fully consumed and over loaded by technology in every aspect of life. With the rapid rate at which we are progressing in the modern era I feel that much of our progress has been under appreciated and at times all together overlooked. My art is a means to document where we came from to where we are now in terms of technological, social, economical growth and regression.

I work primarily in acrylic paint, which I dilute to give it a watercolor like effect in my work. In my paintings I make use of very fine, thin tipped brushes to achieve clear, clean details. When I work I stray away from using an easel, I prefer to sit on the ground and hold the painting in my hands or rest in on my knees. This method makes it easier for me to rotate and position my work in a manner that works best for me. I am very hands on with my work and  at times I will paint details, such as clouds, with my fingers if I feel that brushes wont get the texture or style I am looking to achieve. 

To me, my art is how I convey what I see and feel when my words fail to do my thoughts justice. I look to open and expand upon what I view as important ideas and conversations through my work. My artistic inspirations come from various forms of music, literature, art and every day life. I take my experiences of growing up through out North America and the diversity and culture of each place I have lived and bring that to my work.”

Born in 1991 in just outside of Vancouver, Canada, Meghan Isaacs is a comprehensive young artist. She has a keen eye for detail that can be seen in many of her works. Meghan grew up outside of San Francisco, California and it was there at a young age that she began to show an interest in art. Although she works primarily in acrylic paint she is adept at photography and ceramics. After moving back to Canada from California at the age of thirteen for a brief period of time her family moved to Allentown, Pennsylvania for two years. At the end of the two years her family relocated to Dallas, Texas where she started to refine and seriously focus on her art.

The densely populated and commercialized suburbs of the DFW metroplex would inspire her to create many works, such as her series “Suburban internment” and “A Higher-way”. These paintings capture the suburban expansion as well as the complexity of the Dallas highway system in a unique and compelling manner. In her series “A Higher-way” Meghan said that she wanted to “expand upon the view that when the term Highway is broken down it comes to mean “A means to a destination above us” ”. After five years in Texas Meghan moved back to Allentown where she currently resides.

Topical social matters, technology, her surrounding and similar subjects influence her art. Despite her failure to pass any art classes while attending public school in her youth Meghan continues to pursue her art with passion and conviction not often seen in someone of her age. Meghan has said that the rapped growth and dependence upon technology in her lifetime has a clear and strong influence upon her work. She has been featured in The Fat City Review and is an artist featured on Her art brings forth a voice of the younger generations not yet heard in a poignant thought-provoking manner and she continues to provide a multitude new and compelling works.